Web Based Training

Step by Step Training

The Web Based Training (WBT) system was designed to augment the documentation, provided in the TMP Vision and SLIM distributions, through a series of exercises.

The WBT contains over 700 pages of material and is used in conjunction with a set of models and data files provided by TMP to facilitate step by step learning.

In the image below, the WBT is run in a browser window on the left half of the screen, while the right half is used to run the actual application.

Index of Exercises

The WBT includes an index of exercises for both TMP Vision and SLIM, providing the user with an overview of the available material. A portion of the TMP Vision index is shown in the image below.

Search Function

The keyword search function in the WBT helps users pinpoint the desired information.

New Features

The WBT includes a new features section, that identifies the exercises that have been added to the system as a result of a new software release. These exercises illustrate the use of new program features through example.

Mark Lovrich at TMP for more information.
(817) 820-0520 

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