TMP Vision®/SLIM Training
Course Outline

Day One - TMP Vision®

On the first day of training, the student will be introduced to the capabilities of TMP Vision®. The emphasis will be on using the software to efficiently visualize FEA data and analysis results.

Examples are presented that demonstrate the features of TMP Vision®.

These examples include the steps required to perform common analysis tasks such as:

  • Gaining familiarity with an FEA model
  • Generating documentation for reports
  • Visualizing FEA survey results
Supported File Formats
  • Input file formats- neutral, NASTRAN and ABAQUS
  • Result file formats

FEA Manipulation and Visualization

  • Viewpoint control
  • Control of element display and labels
  • Supported display modes (wire frame, shaded, etc.)
  • Generation of hardcopy files
  • Analysis tools, including 2-D slices through solid elements
Visualization of FEA Output General Quantities
  • Nodal displacements, applied loads and SPC forces
  • Element stress, strain and force
  • Freebodies
Visualization of Transient Analysis Results

Creation of Scripts to Simplify Repetitive Tasks


Overview of Viewset Programming API

Day One - SLIM

On the second day, analysts learn how to use SLIM to efficiently survey FEA analysis results. Emphasis is placed on understanding and specifying survey options, as well as interpreting survey results. Capabilities to streamline subsequent analysis efforts are also addressed.


Preparation of NASTRAN Input Deck

Generation of a SLIM Database

Performing Surveys

Creating Freebodies

Generation of Result Files for TMP Vision®

Surveying Across Multiple SLIM Databases

SLIM Database Programming API

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