The basic concepts of TMP Vision® were prototyped in 1986 as a part of a General Dynamics Fort Worth Division research project aimed at developing high-performance visualization tools for the Silicon Graphics workstation. End user support for the tool, originally named View, grew rapidly as engineers realized substantial productivity gains.

SLIM was developed, in part, to provide a capability for F/A-22 analysts to sift through thousands of load cases, including combinations, for critical conditions. Program engineers also
needed an efficient method to extract freebody definitions from coarse grid models, to use in their fine grid analyses. SLIM also enabled FEA lead engineers to define load combinations and provide consistent and controlled access to load data on a program wide basis. 

In the following years, user requested features were added at a rapid pace to support the schedule requirements of multiple aircraft programs.

In February of 2000, Lockheed Martin granted Third Millennium Productions (TMP) an exclusive license to commercialize the software that they had developed as former employees. Since then, TMP has made approximately two releases per year and taken substantial steps in commercializing the software.

With the release of TMP Vision® / SLIM 5.0, the history of continuous improvement and support continues.
Aircraft photo provided courtesy of the United States Air Force
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