Datascape's characteristics make it ideal for a wide range of applications. A sample of those are listed below.

Process Modeling
Electrical Power Generation Predict load and minimize costs.
Water/Wastewater Treatment Reduce chemical and energy consumption.
Petroleum Refining (HDS) Predict efficiency based on operating conditions.
Pharmaceutical Production Improved batch processing control.
Cryogenic Food Freezing Minimize nitrogen consumption.
Injection Molding Maximize part quality.
Lumber and Paper Processing Maximize yield while reducing costs.
Cost and Performance Modeling Gain insight into critical relationships.
Industrial Process Improvement Evaluate most efficient means of production.

Soft Sensors
Make Predictions, Inferred from Real-Time Measurements Reduce costly waste and rework.
Predict Properties During Production Eliminate laboratory delays.

Business Intelligence
Drug Trial Interpretation Rapidly identify patient response.
Medical Insurance Cost Modeling  Predict future patient costs.
Online Transaction Processing Applications Easy to update as new models are formed.
Insurance Fraud Detection Predicts and classifies fraudulent claims.
Industrial Process Improvement Evaluate most efficient means of production.
Customer Relationship Management Interpret customer feedback.
Churn Analysis Pinpoint churn candidate customers.
Credit Risk Evaluation Evaluate applications for credit.
Database Marketing Identify potential customers.
Customer Behavior Prediction Evaluate purchasing and usage trends.

Embedded Applications
Onboard Vehicle System Control Powerful model, updated with coefficients.
Embedded Systems with Memory Limitations Reduce memory requirements dramatically.
Embedded Systems with CPU Limitations Replace slow simulations with efficient model.
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