Third Millennium Productions (TMP) was incorporated in 1990 by Mark Lovrich and Larry Collins, while working as engineers for General Dynamics Fort Worth Division.

During its first few years, TMP created modeling, animation and rendering systems as well as numerous other object oriented libraries to support the visualization and multimedia production environment.

In the arena of engineering visualization, TMP was selected by Lockheed Martin to commercialize the finite element visualization and analysis software that TMP's founders had created, over a ten year period, as engineers at Lockheed Martin. TMP has also developed other engineering and design visualization tools, enabling real-time visualization of large mechanical CAD and architectural models.

In 2001, Lockheed Martin again selected TMP to commercialize another piece of its intellectual property. Datascape, the first product derived from this technology, has already demonstrated its ability to solve tough data modeling and meta-modeling challenges on a wide range of applications.

TMP is comprised of a deliberate balance of engineers, domain experts and artists. Working together, this unique team has consistently demonstrated the creativity and technical expertise to achieve the goals of our clients.

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